April 2016

This last weekend was one of the most exciting, challenging, nerve-wracking, joyful and all around amazing experiences of my life.  Now most of you know that I love what I do.  I am blessed to have found the thing that makes my soul sing, working with my clients to help them find their most beautiful selves.

Another thing I love is to challenge myself with learning experiences.   And so last fall I entered a competition.  It was called "The Skin Games".  It was a competition among Estheticians to showcase our treatment specialties.  There were over 1,000 entries and 5 categories.  Each Esthetician was required to do an 8 week treatment on a model in one of the categories.  My category was Anti-Aging.  

I found out in February that I had been selected as one of 30 finalists to attend the live event that was held last weekend......I was truly humbled that I made it to the next level.  And seriously nervous about what would happen during this "live event".


 So here's what happened....

Friday afternoon were interviews with the judges.  I don't know the last time I was interviewed for anything, but I'll tell you it was seriously intimidating when I walked into that interview room and there were 14 of our industry luminaries.  The best of the best, doctors, formulators, educators, leaders. (Really??.....YEP!)  Guess what???.....I survived.  I just kept telling myself, "they can't eat you".   Actually, they were all quite nice and over the next two days I had the great opportunity to meet them and chat with them.  Sweet!!

Saturday was a whirlwind, all day trade show with super cool vendors, an ingredient discussion panel with brilliant formulators (including my favorite Dr. Ben Johnson), and tons of fun things to do.

Then I had to get ready for the "live" show.  Yes, I got hair and makeup and all dressed up in my VIP black tie attire.  

Then the live show began.  It was fabulous.  The Ex Wives of Rock were the hostesses and we were well entertained.  Then the awards.  It felt like being at the Oscars of the beauty industry.  

Did I win?......well, let's put it this way......I am one of the top seven Estheticians nationally in the Anti-Aging category.  I certainly feel like a winner.

My take away from this extraordinary experience was meeting the most talented, intelligent, beautiful, caring men and women who take this industry very seriously and are hell bent on making it so much better.  

Then they asked.......

Will I do it again????


Have you checked the weather report for this weekend?   SUNSHINE!!!  It’s time to get out and start your outdoor social life.  Until you put on that cute little dress from last spring and……well, you look like you are headed to an audition for Twilight.  Vampire style.

While pale skin looks amazing on some people, the rest of us don’t have that perfectly luminous skin tone and we just look better with a little tan.  But we all have been beat down on laying out in the sun or using the skin cancer tanning beds, so what’s a tan worshiper to do???


Oh, yeah….I’ve heard your objections, "it doesn’t look real", "it’s too dark" and my favorite "it’s orange!"

Well, who have you been getting your tan from my friend?


If you went somewhere where they sprayed you down like you were on fire.
If you left feeling wet, sticky and slightly humiliated.  
If they didn’t give you advice on how to prepare for and take care of your airbrush spray tan.
If you end up looking like you lost a fight with a bag of doritos.....



maybe you have never tried an airbrush spray tan because you’ve been told all of these scary things.

First of all, an airbrush spray tan is a work of art.  You are my canvas and my walking advertisement.  I want your tan to be perfect.  I want people to ask you if you just got back from vacation.  I want your friends to ask who you go to.
So I’m going to share with you my steps to getting and keeping the perfect airbrush spray tan.

1. Make your appointment ahead of time.  Don’t wait till the day you want to get a tan, you need to be prepared.  If you have an event coming up, book your appointment well ahead of time.  
2. Prepare for your tanning appointment.  Get your mani/pedi, shave/wax and exfoliate before your tanning appointment.  
3. Shower before your appointment.  
4. Do not use lotion, oil, deodorant or makeup before you arrive to your appointment.
5. Bring loose, dark clothing and flip flops to wear after your tan has been applied.
6. Wear what you feel comfortable wearing during your tanning appointment.  You can wear a bathing suit, underwear or nothing at all. It’s up to you.  
7. Your tan artist should apply vaseline or other occlusive to your palms and around your feet to prevent solution from staining areas that don’t normally tan.
8. Your tan artist should take the time to carefully apply a good quality, organic or natural solution to your skin that will compliment your tone.  If you have never had an airbrush spray tan before, go with a lighter more natural color.
9. After your tan, you should be given time to dry and change before you leave the studio.
10. Allow time for your tan to develop to the color you desire. New formulas allow for fast development time and some get darker the longer you leave them on.  Ask your tan artist how long you should allow before you shower.
11. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  Use a tan extender every couple of days and body lotion a couple of times a day. Keeping the skin well moisturized and using a tan extender can keep your airbrush spray tan color for as long as 10 days.  If you don’t moisturize, your airbrush tan will look crackled and patchy.


Now that you know how easy it is to get an awesomely beautiful airbrush spray tan, it’s time to grab your spot on my schedule before the weekend.  I have evening appointments Wednesday and Thursday so you can make it in after work.  Let me show you what a great natural looking airbrush tan looks like.

What I'm up to...




Good wax ain’t cheap, cheap wax ain’t good.

April 2018

Okay, it’s time to pick a waxer.

You know, the person who waxes your lip, brows, bikini, Brazilian, back and more.

What do you look for when you choose the person who waxes you?

Do you go for price?  

It’s tempting.  There is a large range of pricing when it comes to waxing.   It varies based on quality of wax and experience……period.

Yes, you can get a Brazilian bikini wax for a great discounted price.  But with that price comes a price, the wax will be cheap and the experience will be lacking.  That’s why it’s being discounted.

Well what about the big waxing chain that has such great prices?  

Do you really want a seven minute Brazilian wax?  I didn’t think so.  Plus they push a series of waxes on you, so even if you don’t like the wax you got…that’s what you will get each time you go back.

What about the nail salons?  

Okay, here’s where you need to do your homework.  The law in the State of California does not allow anyone other than a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist to do any waxing on the face or body….period.  If you are in a nail salon that offers waxing, check the license of the person actually doing the wax.  Ask questions, are you licensed to wax?  How long have you been waxing?  What type of wax do you use?  Do you use hard wax and strip wax?  Ask, and make sure you are comfortable with the answers.

I hate seeing clients that have waxing PTSD.  


Do you go for quality and experience?

You want a great wax in a clean space.  A relaxed experience.  Not rushed.  Not painful.  Not uncomfortable.

That’s why you choose a Licensed Esthetician that specializes in waxing.  They understand that waxing is not about the hair, but about the skin.  They know about hair follicles and the skin structure.  This is why the waxing is better, without burning or lifting skin and without broken and ingrown hairs.

They take the time to get to know you.  They care about you and why you are getting waxed. No matter what you have waxed, you feel so much better when you leave after your appointment.  They make you want to come back to them and only them.  They make you feel safe and comfortable. They run their business on schedule and your time is about you.

They are licensed and have hours of additional specialized training in waxing.  They have done their research and use only the best quality waxes on your skin.  They have their license posted and are happy to tell you about their years of waxing.

Good waxers love what they do.  Make sure you choose the best waxer for you.

​​​When to begin Waxing

August 2017

This message is a bit long, but if you have a teenage in your life please read this.

Okay, when I was thirteen years old (about a hundred years ago), I was teased mercilessly about my the impressive amount of dark hair on my legs.  Because back in the olden days we had to wear skirts to school, there was no hiding all that hair.

Now my mom was a wonderful and kind woman, who didn't have the body hair I evidently inherited from my dads side of the family.  Also, there were no "Estheticians" were I grew up.  Apparently back in "the day", those Estheticians only worked at very exclusive spas.  So, no waxing for me.  What did mom do?  Gave me a razor and showed me how to shave my legs.

Which began a long history of me, shaving cream and lots of razors and razor cuts for many years.

What's my point with  this story?

Teenagers and waxing........that's my point.

At what age should a teenager wax?

Well......that depends.  Social media, peer pressure and earlier puberty have young girls wanting to get waxed at an earlier age.   So to help both teens and parents decide, I have my list of wax do's and maybe nots.

Lip - as soon as it becomes apparent that there is hair on the lip, it can be easily removed with a gentle wax.  

Brow - Don't give teen a pair of tweezers. DO NOT GIVE YOUR TEEN A PAIR OF TWEEZERS!    That's the worst thing you can do.  They will literally tweeze their brows off......remember what we did?  I recommend making an appointment for a consultation regarding brow shaping.  I can easily explain how your teens brow should look.....for them, for their age and how to get and maintain a great brow shape.  When I do decide to wax their brow, it will be age mega brows for them.....yet.

Legs - If they have been blessed with hairy legs at 13, let's get those puppies waxed.  It's time, and much better than shaving.  (Have you priced razors, blades and shaving cream lately?).  Long term, she will save time and money (your money) by waxing her legs once a month.  

Now the big one.....Bikini - Okay mom and dad, this is where I get very careful.  Obviously, if your teen is a swimmer or wearing bathing suits all summer and she has developed hair outside of the bathing suit line, we can carefully, Very Carefully remove that hair.   That's all.  No extended bikini, no Brazilian under 18......Period.  Now that doesn't mean she won't find someone who would do a Brazilian wax for her, I just don't feel it's time for all of that.....just yet.

So there you go.  My slightly old fashioned thoughts on waxing teenagers in todays times.  My ultimate goal when working with teens is to educate them on skincare and waxing services.  These young people are our future and I want them to know that they are already beautiful.  I also want you, their parent to feel great about allowing me to provide them the same great service that I provide to you.